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Tablo GmbH is a design agency and since 2008 integrated in the Kling Group. The team of Tablo consists of commuication specialists, media designers, industry designers, product designers and photographs with a lot of work experience. Due to the compilation of the staff nearly all objectives regarding object design, graphic design and visualisation can be managed.

Basically Tablo was planned to be a 100% inhouse agency. But with time the company established more and more and finally made a name of itself within the whole market.


Tablo realizes your ideas graphically!



Graphic Design


Product Design



The services of Tablo include almost all objectives of the sectors graphicdesign, productdesign und visualisation.

In the sector graphic design Tablo is focussed in print- and webdesign. Some examples for print design: flyer, posters, brochures, business papers, mailings, business reports and many more. Some examples for webdesign: re-designs, content management, advertisings and many more.

In the sector product design these services are offered: trend research, development of new products, re-Design, packaging, design for the pos, computer-generated-imagery (CGI), 3D-Pdfs, rapid prototyping and many more.

In the sector visualisation Tablo´s services particularly are: photography, prototyping and renderings.

Product design Betty Barcley
Productdesign for Betty Barcley

Product design OrisProductdesign for Oris


Outstanding references in the sections graphic design, product design and visualisation!

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Graphic Design Kling Homepage
Graphic Design Kling Homepage

Graphic Design Faisst CatalogueGraphic Design Faisst Catalogue

Rendering for Annemarie BörlindRendering for Annemarie Börlind


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