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Everything under one roof – production at Kling Group

The Kling Group, including production, has been based at the current company headquarters in Birkenfeld, near Pforzheim, since 1988. Having the whole production facility under the same roof creates synergies and allows the individual group companies to benefit from each other.

Expert advice, tailor-made solutions and individual production are the secret of the Kling Group's success. Thousands of satisfied customers every year – from all sectors of trade and industry – have spurred the Kling Group on to continue on its path and to become a little bit better every day. The production team is made up of only the most specialist experts, ensuring consistently high quality levels. Modern fleet of machines and the efficiency of our suppliers also guarantee the best quality in all products, now and in the future – in terms of design as well as materials and processing. Having the entire production facility at the Birkenfeld site has been a decisive factor in the group's success.

On the production area, more than 12,000 square meters, practically every imaginable customer requirement can be satisfied in our demand-oriented production facility, thanks to the enormous range of machines, techniques and staff expertise.


The huge and constantly modernised machine pool offers you a lot of possibilities and options to realize your project!

Here you can get a short insight of our machinery.

CNC machineCNC Machine

Rapid PrototypingRapid Prototyping

Digital Printer
Digital Printer




Despite a high level of automatisation many labours are still done in handwork in the Kling Group - thanks to the longterm, extremely qualified and experienced employees.

Here you get a short insight which labours are still made by hand.


Attaching a label
Attaching a label

Quality control
Quality control

Threading labelsThreading labels