Decorative stand-up displays, busts, pillows, pedestals and much more


Aside from individual decoration series produced at the request of the customer, Kling offers a wide range of standard decorations for the presentation of jewellery, watches and glasses. The different series for your display window decoration exude classical elegance and are perfect for the presentation of high-grade products. 

The timeless decoration series are regularly supplemented with current collections for window display decorations. The busts, stand-up displays and pedestals are made of acryl glass, PP, metal or LU and can be covered with soft imitation leather on request. Moulded and dyed acryl glass forms can add enchanting light and colour interplay in your window display decoration.

Our Kling Basic Collection catalogue features a wide range of standardised series of decorations and busts. We are also happy to address your individual customer requests and develop your personal decoration series!



Kling Basic Collection - standard solutions: